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OK, it might be a strange topic to say the very least but here you go:

Making money is easy and it’s setup right between your ears.

I know what you’re thinking right now: Mike has turned crazy. I actually haven’t and this is called the Champion Mindset

Clement, director of KARL in Europe, is originally a coach for entrepreneurs and he has worked many years with me on defining what unlocks success (or locks it).

And we came up with this definition of the Champion Mindset. It works for money but it also works for sports, love, health etc…

Your mind has infinite powers when you accept to unleash them. It would take a whole book to go in deep but I’ll try to keep it simple here and let you do your homework.

Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and I’ve gathered information in order to define what’s the difference between success and failure and if there is one thing that stands out it’s tenacity. Tenacity is different from courage. Courage is doing something hard. Tenacity is taking real risks despite everyone (including your little voice) telling you it’s insane and you should get a job.

Now, that’s a good info to have. But what is tenacity, how do you achieve it… How do you know it’s tenacity and not insanity?

Last week, Clement talked to a boxing champion and he came up with 3 secrets that actaually simply illustrate this reality:

  1. Losing is not an option

Plan B is for suckers. You probably heard it. If you have a plan B then guess what? You fail. You burn down, you crash, you melt down. Plan B allows your mind to find excuses to avoid the insanity of your big ideas. Plan B tells you something like: Don’t worry my son, I have you covered. And when it gets too hard or too insane or both, you just go to plan B. Same goes for business. If you have a plan B, a job offer, a solution in case things get tough, then you will NOT succeed.

When you get on the ring, you just know deep inside, with every vibration, you know it, you know you’re gonna win. There is no doubt because there’s no option. There’s no “I hope” “I think” or “I’m almost sure”. That’s plan B. You know with no doubt at all that you’re gonna win. You already see you with the cup in your hands. The second you have a doubt, you’re screwed.

But how do you do that?????


2. Focus and build up adrenaline

Get ready for the fight. Every morning, have your routine that builds up this adrenaline. Meditate to envision your success, choose your words with attention, list the things you want money for, envision yourself with these things (Car, watch, house, travel) and KNOW they’re yours.

You will feel an incredible energy growing in you and this attracts money to you. If you’re not familiar with the law of attraction, I suggest you google it. You receive from the Universe what you send to the Universe. If you send anger, sadness, struggle, guess what you’ll receive.

If you’re skeptical, it doesn’t cost you anything to give it a shot. But a real one. Like you spend the next 2 weeks focusing on one thing only: you’re success.


3. Recover

The last secret is that using all this energy to attract money and success is tiring for your mind and body. When you put this mindset in motion, you will need to plan time to recover. Just like a champion takes time to recover, you need to plan for it. Walk, ride a bike, have a nap considering it’s part of your actions towards success.


Do you think that Elon Musk deciding one day to launch Space X while the NASA needed shit loads of money for little results was not totally insane?

Do you think Edison trying 1,000 times to light a bulb with electricity when no one had ever done that was not totally insane?

I’ve seen in my company people coming with great motivation and giving up, generally after 6 to 12 months, because results wouldn’t be here just yet. But guess what, most of time it was a matter of another 3 or 6 months before success would come. But they gave up. I didn’t.

How does it relate to your limo business?

Well, a limo business is just a business like any other. And the purpose of a business is making you money. Visualize your cars always on the road, your clients referring others? That’s not even the point.

All you need to focus on is on the amount of money you want to receive and solutions will come to you.

KARL is likely going to be one of them because it helps you sell more and faster. Just keep your mind open to your intuition and learn how to make a difference between your intuition and your plan B mindset. If your intuition isn’t talking about your future success, it’s not intuition, it’s plan B talking.