About us

KARL is the result of a decade of experience

Mike Beck in an international expert in the limousine industry. Over 10 years ago, he discovered that this industry needed training. Badly. So he founded a training center in Paris, France where drivers would receive the best training in the world from his teachers and he would personally coach limo business owners.

The quality of this training and coaching quickly took Mike around the world, coaching entrepreneurs across Europe, in America and even in China and the Prestige Chauffeur Academy became the #1 training center in Europe

This allowed him to study what makes limo companies succeed or fail besides the entrepreneur himself.

What makes KARL so different?

KARL was not created by a bunch of engineers nor was it the result of the needs of a big limo company.

Instead, it was created based on cutsomers’ needs and processes that prioved their value over time.

Simply putting on a screen what you’re doing every day on paper doesn’t help you grow.

But changing the way you work by implementing strategies that work for successful limo entrepreneurs is definitely a way to go.

Who is KARL Technologies?

KARL Technologies inc is a Colorado, USA startup located on 301 E Pikes Peak Avenue, Colorado Springs,  Colorado 80903.

It was founded and is managed by Mike Beck, CEO. KARL Technologies currently has a team of 12 people who help the KARL members grow their business.

KARL Technologies currently has members in 18 countries around the world and our community is growing with like minded entrepreneurs: People who understand that they are the key to their own success and need the right tools and a global network to succeed in a fast changing industry.

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