How to more than double your revenue

You're leaving too much money on the table!

While most limo business owners are constantly looking for new customer they often leave tons of money on the table by not working on their existing clientele.

Yes, it’s much cheaper and much easier to get a ride from an existing customer than getting it from a new one.

But it’s not magic. It’s not because someone already is your customer that they will necessarily always think of you when it comes to riding. It takes some marketing strategy to generate these new sales.

The good new is that it’s pretty easy. Let’s dive in it.

This could be a blog post on its own but I’ll try to keep it simple here.

Every single limo business owner says the same thing: I’m offering the best service. Guess what, it’s too vague to actually be true.

You need to describe precisely what it is that you offer, the whole ride management process, and have all your drivers commit to it.

You need to track results, you need to run random inspections and question your customers to make sure that what they experience is what you actually sell.

The goal of this strategy is simple. No, it’s not to be the best, this doesn’t make sense. Your goal is to get these hard earned customers to book with you as often as possible.

So when it comes to defining your service, it MUST be defined with that sole intention: Getting these customers to book you as often as possible.


  • My clients have the comfort of my app to do bookings
  • When I see that they book a ride to the airport, I offer them to book a ride at destination for them (using the KARL Affiliate Network makes it super easy)
  • My drivers are ALWAYS 15 minutes ahead of time and let the customer know they have arrived
  • My drivers welcome them with their name and take care of the bags
  • My drivers install the customers in the car before putting the bags in the trunk
  • When the customers sit in the car they find a handwritten welcome note with their name on it “welcome on board Mr Beck”
  • My driver keeps track of what the customers like (music, temperature, discussion, candies etc…) and prepare the car for the client
  • etc…… the list can go on. Every item is here to make the customer love you so much that they won’t go elsewhere