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So, Why KARL?

Cloud Based Technology

KARL allows you to supervise your automated business from anywhere at any time.

Marketing Automation

KARL is business development oriented and offers automated marketing tools to boost your revenue.

Affiliate Network

You are connected to all other KARL members worldwide. You clients can use your app when they travel and you make 15% of whatever they pay the other members. Automatically.


KARL’s technology is available on any device, at anytime from anywhere


Real-time location of your fleet on your dashboard


Your own app in your name to better serve your customers


Farm-out and farm-in automatically with other KARL Members


Marketing automation to increase your bookings per client and help to boost your social media presence

The KARL Effect

Technology is good only when it’s user-friendly and when it is helps you change your business for the best: measurable growth.

More Bookings

Increase your number of booking per clients

Savings on Dispatch

Automation reduces your manual dispatch operations drastically


Make money when your clients travel worldwide.

CPA savings

Reduce your Cost Per customer Acquisition dramatically with your own app.

15 Minute Setup

As incredible as it sounds, you can setup your KARL account in about 15 minutes. Easy to use

Customer Service

You have your own Customer Success Angel. That’s our guarantee of success.

Your Own APP

Get your own app in your name on iOS and Android. Everything is connected to your Dashboard.


No monthly subscription or complicated pricing. We make money when you make money. Starts as low as 3%.

Boost Your Revenue

With you own app, the KARL Network, your own marketing automation and our help on social media, we want your revenue to skyrocket!!!

KARL Network

The KARL network is made of people just like you. Open your business to the world and extend your fleet virtually if you want. It’s always up to you.

Simple pricing

By using KARL in your business, your revenue WILL grow rapidly. It’s because we know it for sure that we choose to be paid on success. And the more you earn, the lower our rate.

Rides per month % to Karl
>3000 3%
>2000 4%
>1000 5%
>500 6%
>250 7%
>100 8%
>50 9%
<50 10%

In order to maintain your app, the minimum monthly charge is $99.

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Some buyers ask this

Frequently Questions

We create your own app with your own logo for free. We only charge you for the initial publishing fees of $990.

Nope. We charge you a % based on how many rides you did last month. The more rides, the lower the rate. It can be as low as 3%

Yeah, we hear about it a lot. KARL is a very complex system that is INCREDIBLY EASY TO USE. 15 minutes to set it up. How does that sound?

Any other question not listed on the faq

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Karl Premium Services

With KARL Premium Services, improve your web presence and go deeper into customizing your KARL system.

You can customize your passenger app, have your own driver app in your name, get a fast loading SEO optimizable website for a fraction of its value or get our team of professionals take care of your SEO campaign.

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