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Limo software, the best way to grow your limo business

We do websites that sell

We create custom websites to get you all the bookings you want. They come loaded with all the features that increase your conversion rate like a booking widget, live chat, social proof, SEO optimization…

We get you on Google Page 1

Our Limo SEO experts know how to get you to Google’s page 1. That’s where you really start getting business. Being page 1 is the most important thing for a limo business, saving you thousands and thousands in ads.

We build amazing apps

Having your own app in order to take pre-arranged bookings or be available for your customers in real time is a jump board to a whole new level of business. We build your app based on where you’re at and were you want to go.

A Software Is Useless If It Doesn't Help You Make More Money

Wait. What?

You know what we’re talking about. You’ve probably spent tons of money and countless hours in off the shelf software such as limo anywhere or dashrides. And when you run some numbers there’s really no value to them, you can do the same with a pen and paper and save thousands.

Some technology IS useful though

You definitely need a website but not any website. If your website is not on Google’s page 1 when googling “limo atlanta” for example and if there is no way to make a booking right there online, then you can trash it. 

Useful technology is technology that generates sales and allows you to scale. Having a website that is not ranking on page 1 and that has no booking widget is like printing business cards and leaving them in your drawer.

Some platforms offer templated websites but they’re not helping you in any way. At KARL technologies we create websites that sell, websites that rank  and we get you to Google’s page #1.

We also develop custom apps for companies who want to increase customer retention and grow to the next level. Our applications are custom developed for you with your design, logo and name on iOS and Android.

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Why rank on Google and grow on Instagram?

How about a $0 cost per acquisition?

When a customer goes to your website after seeing a post on Instagram or when they google “limousine Denver” to find you on first page, you DO NOT pay a dime in ads. And they keep coming in even bigger numbers.

How is it even possible?

At KARL we have 12+ years of experience in the limo industry and even more in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our experts WILL get you on Google’s page #1 on good keywords like “limousine Chicago” in just a few months.

Can you get anyone on page #1?

We can work on any type of website but we definitely get more efficacity with the websites we develop. We DO NOT take anyone though. We limit our service to a maximum of 3 limousine companies in one area. Why? Simply because Google only offers 10 spots on page #1 and we guarantee you will get there.

Acquiring New Customers Made Easy

The market is getting tougher on small businesses

You noticed it over the past few years. It’s getting harder and harder to get and keep your own clientele. But is there really a lot more competition? Or is it rather that we’ve seen some kind of arm race in the industry?

After Uber came to the market, customers suddenly discovered the comfort of NOT having to call someone or ask for a quote on a website to arrange a ride. This was the game changer in the industry.

Blacklane doesn’t offer a better service than you because you’re the one riding for them. So what do they offer that customers love so much?

Technology. Nothing so fancy, just a website that ranks well and offers the possibility to book a ride online. The rest, you already know how to handle it.

Offering an app is definitely a plus once you start growing your own clientele. The difference with your KARL website that is already mobile friendly is that your app shows up on the screen of your customer’s smartphone. And that makes a hell of a difference.

You don’t need much to get back on the ring. A good website on Google’s page 1 and you’re good to go. Once you start growing, get your own custom app and get to the next level.

On top of that we're very affordable

Let’s talk money!

OK, let’s get that out of the way: we won’t beat the Indians with their cheap terrible websites but we will beat them every single day with results. Our websites are awesome, they come fully loaded with all you need and they get to Google’s page#1

“C’mon, how much is it?”

Let’s cut to the chase, a KARL website starts at $1,997 fully loaded and you only pay once. Of course we can develop any custom module on top of that. Your website will be ready within 2 to 4 weeks.

Getting your website to Google’s page#1 will cost you a flat fee of $2,997 with the guarantee to get there within 6 months. 

Getting your own custom app on iOS and Android starts at only $8,997 with all the basic features you need. It will look awesome and work like a charm. It usually takes us 3 to 5 months to get your app published.

We offer financing.

Our partner knows how good our limo software are and they are more than willing to finance our dear customers to relieve their budget. Available to US businesses only.

We invest with you.

If you have a specific project that requires more development than you can afford, our founder, who has a lot of experience in the limo industry, might invest together with you by partnering up with you.

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